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Product Review: Carmesi Pads

carmesi natural pads review

What is Carmesi?

Carmesi actually means crimson, which also happens to be the colour of blood. Carmesi is a line of all natural sanitary pads. And I can't sing enough praises for them for bringing such a product into the light.

carmesi pads: all natural sanitary pads review

Ingredients Check

The ingredients were not mentioned on the pack, however, they do let you know that the pads are:

  • Made with corn starch
  • And bamboo fibre 

And are all natural sanitary pads that are compostable (biodegradable). They are free from parabens, chlorine and toxins which normal sanitary pads are not free from. They are also fragrance-free and hence they don't irritate your intimate parts.


carmesi pads packaging

I first tried out Carmesi in November 2018, I'll talk more about that in a bit. Depending on your order you receive a different kind of box. For their normal order the send in a beautifully designed and laid out box made of paper which holds about 30 pads (that's the one that I first ordered). 

But this time I decided to order a box of 120 pads right way (more on why I did that later) and it actually cam in a more sturdy and sold box rather than the paper box, which they call the "storage" box (see the image above).

But obviously, it couldn't fit 120 pads so they sent me the remaining ones in normal paper boxes (image below).

The good thing is that there's no plastic which means everything is biodegradable even the containers they come in. And the best thing is that I've not seen a pad company being so careful with proper instructions on how to use the pads and then dispose of them. I have to say I am impressed. 

The product itself is of top-notch quality. And the packaging is the cherry on top. I'm even more obsessed with as a graphic designer.

carmesi paper box of 30 pads frontside

Just look at that gorgeous design! I loved it!

carmesi paper box of 30 pads topside

And a very neat "how to use" section on the side.

carmesi pads how to use and properly dispose

I love the fact that Carmesi highlights all the reason that any woman would want to pick them over normal sanitary pads available in the market at the backside of their box.

Jus some the reasons you might want to choose Carmesi:

  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • No synthetics 
  • Rash-free period (No more chaffing, finally!)
  • Soft (Your lady parts deserve the best!)
  • Biodegradable (The environment will thank you!)
  • Unscented (Good-bye irritation!)
  • All natural pads
In short, Carmesi has everything you might dream of for a happy period!

Carmesi pads paper box backside

All in all, I'm quite satisfied with the way it has been packaged.

Why Carmesi?

why choose carmesi

Wondering why Carmesi over other brands of sanitary pads? Carmesi has just the answe for you (see the image above 👆🏻)

Carmesi doesn't try to hide the fact that they are all natural, but they are also biodegradable, which means they are not bad for the environment.

Did you know?

India has 12.3 billion disposable sanitary napkins to take care of every year, the majority of which are not biodegradable/compostable.

That's just too much harm for the environment by just one country, in one year. Carmesi can significantly help you not be one of those women, you have the opportunity to make a change and inspire that change in others, so why not?

Carmesi also likes to empower the community, the don't just want to make a difference for one woman that buys the product, for every woman that buys a pack of Carmesi pads they provide pads to other women in need that cannot afford them or have access to them.

If all of this does not sound like a good deal to you, then I don't know what will!

The Pros

If I haven't already highlighted all these facts before, then, here we go again just in case you are wanting to skim the article in case you're short on time:

  • All natural pads made out of bamboo fibre and corn starch.
  • Incredibly soft, ensuring a rash-free period (I'm so happy for that! It's true girls, no more chaffing, even if you don't have a thigh-gap like myself.)
  • No synthetics or chemicals.
  • Unscented (No more irritation for all you sensitive skinned women out there — I feel ya!)
  • They donate pads to women in need every time you buy a pack.
  • These pads are biodegradable.
  • Instructions are clearly mentioned on the pack. 
  • Good customer service. (Keep reading to find out how I know about this...)
  • Great absorbancy

The Cons

Remember I told you I'll talk about the reason I ordered a box of 120 pads at the same time?
It wasn't because I like to stock up for a year in advance. 

  • The product is really good, but I can't say the same for their shipping department. They have not delivered the product on time 2 out of the 3 times I have ordered from them. And when I say not "on time" I mean they can take weeks! My most recent order was missing for more than a week, close to two or maybe two weeks before I gave up and just decided to talk to a customer service representative who are very helpful, nice and sweet by the way!
  • The next con is that the glue that essentially sticks your pad on to your panty is not very sticky, so and if you do a lot of physical activity and you're not careful enough, it will move from its place. 
  • And lastly, because the pads are so soft, if you wear one for more than 2.5 hours (ideally you shouldn't wear a single pad for more than 3 hours at a time) the pad will start tearing down. Which is a good thing because you will change more frequently, but I can see it being a bad thing when you have to sit in a 3-hour meeting. Don't worry though, it won't leak until it's full and is super absorbent.

My Experience

carmesi box of 120 pads

Till date, I have ordered Carmesi pads only three times but I am 100% sure I will be ordering them again when I need to re-stock. I suggest that if you are just trying them out, order a normal pack but when you decide to start using only them then order in bulk as the shipping is pretty delayed usually. 

And for this exact reason, feel free to order with COD (cash on delivery) whenever you can. Not that I think they will cheat you, but it's just nice reassurance.

For all my life (or rather, shall I say...ever since I started having my period I always get chaffing because my body structure is such that I am not blessed with thigh-gaps) which makes the last days of my period quite painful. If you have ever gotten rashes, you'll understand the plight of the infant who cries because he/she has rashes. 

They are very real, and very painful a lot of the times. Thankfully, Carmesi has made it a truly happy period for me. And much like their tagline, it matters. Period.

So if you ask me, this was the number one reason I was interested in Carmesi. The second reason I decided to give Carmesi a "go" was because I decided in the start of 2019 (Yes, I'm a resolutions kind of a girl) that I wanted to be more holistic, cruelty-free and environment-friendly. 

And before you ask me, no, I am not vegan. At least not yet. 

I become aware of the fact that a single woman in her entire lifetime produces a lot of menstrual waste (up to 125 kgs) that ends up in the ocean and seas because there is no other dumping ground in 2018, since then, I decided I did not want to be one of those women. 

I started using cloth pads, but they are prone to leaking from the underside when they get filled, and not to mention that they don't dry easily during winters, so I was looking for a solution. Gladly, Carmesi helped. 


carmesi pad closeup

I think, by now you know I am in love with Carmesi. I highly recommend them and will buy them again. I usually just shop them online on their website, but they are also available on Amazon if you'd like to order from them. 

If you want to make a difference, not just in your period, but other women as well and help save the environment, switch to Carmesi now!

Buy now on Amazon
Buy now from Carmesi

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