Saturday, 24 August 2019

Organising My Book Shelf

my bookshelf front view

I'm such a library and books kind of a girl. I have always loved reading ever since I was little. And so naturally the tidiest part of my home is my bookshelf. I love cleaning it every morning. And just even looking at it when I'm bored makes me happy.

We got this rack from a local furniture market, and it's made out of solid wood. It is definitely not a very quality item because it's from a local and cheap market, but it is what my budget allowed at that point when I bought it during the start of the year.

If I hadn't been the impatient little elf that I am, I would have saved more money to have bought a rack from pepperfry, urban ladder or home centre. But, you know me.

my book shelf

Bookshelf cleaning routine

I don't clean my bookshelf with a wet cloth, in fact, there's not much of anything in my room that I use a damp cloth for. I use microfiber cloth pieces that I get from Amazon or, if I have a piece of clothing that is in bad shape and can't be donated but can still be used as a cloth for cleaning, I do that.

I clean my bookshelf every day, but I only clean it from the inside once a week and book by book once every 15-20 days, so dust particles don't settle on my books.

bookshelf inside

Bookshelf organisation

As you can see, my books are not arranged topic-wise. Instead, I like to keep them according to their size. One of the main reasons I do this is because I'm from a middle-class family in India and we don't have a huge house. So the furniture is often shared and kept packed together to save space.

The top half this rack has my books, and the bottom half has a lot of notebooks, planners, my work supplies etc.  If you didn't already know, here's a fun fact about me, I work from home, and I'm a freelancer.  So my room doubles as my office as well.

You can probably make out that I love reading books about health, wellness, design, novels, stories etc.

I also keep a small red planner on the shelf door, so I can attach any piece of paper to it ad write something important, so I don't forget.

book rack shelf

I hope to be able to build a library someday in my room as I've always loved libraries, and they make me crazy! I'm not a want-live-in-a-mansion kind of a girl though. I like tiny houses and cosy places, so being able to make a wall library in my room would be like hitting the jackpot for me. Haha.

But for now, my bookshelf is more than enough.

I'm crazy about books to the point it's therapeutic to me to spend my time reading them. And that's why I'm obsessed about anything book-related.

What are some of your library or book dreams? I'd love to connect with you over books! 

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